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Vol. 3, No. 4 (2014)
The Level of Emotional Intelligence among Special Education Teacher in Seberang Prai Tengah, Penang
Mohd Zuri Ghani & Wan Sharipahmira Mohd Zain
A Look at Open Access Publication and Beall’s List of “Predatory” Journals  
Martin S. Fiebert, Ph.D.
The Use of Stufflebeam Model (CIPP) in Evaluating the Perception of Teachers on the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Penang, Malaysia
Mohd Zuri Ghani & Wan Sharipahmira Mohd Zain
The Imperatives for Community Policing in Nigeria
Usman A. Yusuf
Economic Situation as an Opportunity to Examine School Management Innovation Readiness during Social Change
Sandra Rone & Mara Vidnere
Relationship between Students’ Perception of a Constructivist Learning Environment and Motivation towards Biology in Siaya County, Kenya
Richard O.Ongowo, Francis C. Indoshi & Mildred A. Ayere
What does it mean to be a German? A Look at Changes in the Federal Republic of Germany’s Citizenship Laws
Jau-Yon Chen, Ph.D.
The Relationship between Innovation Strategies and Organizational Competitiveness of Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd
Amboka Asumwa Agustine & Fred Ssemugenyi
Can E-Government Mitigate Administrative Corruption? An Empirical study into the Potential Role of E-Government in Eradicating Administrative Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa
Elvis Asorwoe
The Values of Polygamy among the Langi People of Northern Uganda
Charles Amone & Monica Arao
Marginal Effects of Farmers’ Age on Their Irrigation Technology Adoption in Poverty Reduction in Kwara State
Adeniyi, O. A.
Influence of Age, Education Background & Socio-Economic Background on the Usage of Female Condom in Southern Western Part of Nigeria
Adeoye, Ayodele, O (Phd), Oyerinde, Wole. O.(Phd), Ola, Omolayo. O &Makinde, Bose.O
Pre-Service Teachers’ ICT Literacy: A Case Study in a Malaysian Teachers’ Training Institution
Termit Kaur Ranjit Singh & Shanmuga Velu Subramaniam
Moderating Influence of Teacher Efficacy on Individual and Organisational Determinants of Job Satisfaction among Primary School Teachers in Coast Province, Kenya
Habil Otanga & Rehema Yaki
Time Management and Administrative Effectiveness: Lessons for Educational Administrators
Akua Ahyia Adu-Oppong, Emmanuel Agyin-Birikorang, Goddana M. Darko & Emma D. Aikins
Effects of Sexual Harassment on Women Students’ Access to Opportunities and Facilities: A Case Study of the University of Nairobi, Kenya
Juliet Njeri Muasya (PhD)
Pedagogical Factors Influencing online Assessments Use: A Case Study with Business Research Method Subject at a Malaysian Private University
A Study on Need of Media Literacy among adolescents in Kanyakumari District
Ajantha S
Talaat Pasha’s Murder (15.3.1921): A Parody in the Courts of Berlin Belying 'The Miller of Sansoucci Legend of Justice'
Ata Atun & Sükrü Server Aya
Plea Bargain and the Anti-Corruption Campaign in Nigeria
Linus Y. Akor
Assessment of Poverty Status among Rice Farmers in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State
Cyprian Clement Abur
Sociolinguistics of English in India
Shaivya Singh & Rajesh Kumar
The Future of Arab Spring, Reality and Ambition
Dr. Mohammad Salim Al-Rawashdeh & Dr. Hani Abdulkareem Akho Rshaidah
Determination of Organizational Learning Based on Aspects of Education Organization Structure of Guilan
Zahra Namvar Arbani & Mohammad hadi Asgari
SWAT Team: A Life-Saving Not a Life-Taking Police Operation
Avdi S. Avdija, Ph.D
Menstrual Hygiene: Knowledge, Practise and Restrictions amongst Girls of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Divya Raina & Geeta Balodi
Right to Food
Dr. Niru Sharan
Gender dynamics in the performance of grade 7 certificate of primary education examinations in Gweru Urban District, Zimbabwe
Nogget Matope, Efiritha Chauraya & Nyevero Maruzani
Affirmative Action by Lowering University Entry Points for Females: Great Zimbabwe University Students’ Views
Rugare Mareva
The Art of Neologism and Borrowing: Some Recent Additions to the Shona Slang Lexicon
Rugare Mareva
Channeling International Markets for Domestic Value
Narek Sahakyan, Michael W Nicholson & David Kritzberg
Ancient Aryan Gods
Mozhgan Yahyazade
Social Inequalities and Conflicts among Security Operatives in Nigeria
Dr. Samuel Odoma
The Convergence of Multicultural Education and The 2012 London Olympics: What School Leaders Should Know  
Festus E. Obiakor, Terri Watson & Floyd Beachum
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