Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
Vol. 3, No. 4 (2014)
A Real Time Virus Detection and Correction Processor for Secure Embedded Network
L. Mohan, Dr. D. Gunaseelan & P.K. Kumaresan
The Effects of Welding Parameters on Abrasive Wear Resistance for Hardfacing Alloys
Dr. K. M. KenchiReddy, Dr. C. T. Jayadeva & Mr. Sreenivasan. A
Evaluation of Drying Temperature on Proximate, Thermal and Physical Properties of Cocoyam Flour
Ajala A.S., Ogunsola, A.D. & Odudele F. B.
Prediction of Delamination Growth Behavior in a Carbon Fiber Composite Laminate Subjected to Constant Amplitude Compression-Compression Fatigue Loads
J. Raju, D.S. Sreedhar, & C.M. Manjunatha
Performance of Multi-Antennas Multi Hopping Relay System
Nada Ebaid, Mona Shokair & Sami A. El Dolil
The Effects of Thermal Radiation, Heat Generation, Viscous Dissipation and Chemical Reaction on MHD Micropolar Fluid past a Stretching Surface in a Non-Darcian Porous Medium
B. Lavanya & A. Leela Ratnam
Correlation Based SNR Estimation in OFDM System
Suneetha Kokkirigadda & Asst.Prof.K.Vasu Babu
Computational Analysis of Flow Behaviour in Curved Section of the Serpentine Intake
P Anand, D Lakshmanan & R Saravanan
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