Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
Vol. 3, No. 1 (2014)
Housing Quality and Customer Satisfaction with Reference to Delivery Methods
Dr. Yogesh Garg, Dr. Nakul Dhagat & Ar. Bhavna Shrivastava
Hierarchical synchronization in complex dynamical networks with multipartite graph structure  
Guangming Deng
ICT Application in Teaching and Learning Processes by Tutors: A Case of Two Selected Tanzania Teachers Colleges (TCs)
Simeo Boniphace Kisanjara, Michael shadrack Mangula & Said Noyi
A Model for Forecasting the Basic Cooling Capacity of a Room Air Conditioner Using Object Oriented Approach
Olawore Jelili
Evolution of Edge Technology in Mobile Communications for GSM Module with IS-136- A Review Article  
G S Ajay Kumar Reddy, G Keerthy, P Aravind, Ch Harsha Vardahn
Fuzzy Topsis Algorithm for Multi Criteria Decision Making with Application of Marketing Mix under a-Cut
Shahin Saeednamaghi & Assef Zare
Development of High Impact Resisting Material Using Nigerian Steel 65 MN Steel as a Base Material  
D.K. Garba, A.U. Alhaji, & O.F. Agboola
SUODY-Preserving Privacy in Sharing Data with Multi-Vendor for Dynamic Groups 
T.Vijayalakshmi, Balika J Chelliah & R. Jegadeesan
Critical Success Factors in Competent & Productive Project Management  
Harshlata .S. Rewaskar & Dinesh .K. Shukla
Creation of Loan Automation Application
Adewale O Adebayo, Aibangbee Zandra, Lufadeju Oluwatosin & Maradesa Adepeju
Creation of a Secure Chat System
Adewale O Adebayo, Komolafe Oyindolapo, Ogu Chiemela & Omotosho Toluwalase 
Analysis for Traffic and Intrusion Detection
A.M.J.Niyaz Hussain & C.Deepa
An evaluation of concessionary funding given by the Government to exporting plastic firms in Zimbabwe
Godwell Karedza, Tongesai Mpofu & Mike Sikwila Nyamazana
A Comparison of Photovoltaic and Hydropower Technologies in Nigeria
Robert Ben Joshua, Igweonu Emmanuel I & Eguzo Chimezie V
Taguchi Experimental Approach to Laboratory Evaluation of Static Modulus of Elasticity of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Akinkurolere Olufunke Olanike
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