Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
Vol. 2, No. 6 (2013)
Performance assessment of CLARANS: A Method for Clustering Objects for Spatial Data Mining
Vijaya Sagvekar , Vidya Sagvekar, & Kalpana Deorukhkar
Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Interconnected System with TCPS and Diverse Sources of Power Generation
C.Srinivasa Rao
Microcontrollers Based Rear-End Anti-Collision Warning System for Vehicles
Alemayehu Wakjira, & Ramesh Babu Nallamothu
Performance Evaluation of Caster Methyl Ester in Direct Injection Four Stroke Diesel Engine
Ramesh Babu Nallamothu, Tesfahun Tegegne, & Prof B.V. Appa Rao
Study of Drying Shrinkage of Retempered Concrete
S.B. Bhagate, & Dr. D.K. Kulkarni
Biogas Purification, Compression and Bottling
S.B. Bhagate, & Dr. D.K. Kulkarni
Effect of Retempering on the Properties of Concrete Subjected to Alkaline Attack
Dr. D.K. Kulkarni & S.B. Pharande
Construction of a Vertical Axis Sail Windmill for Pumping Water for Irrigation Purposes in Ghana
K. Agbezudor & S.K. Amedorme
Comparative Analysis of Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel Inverter Using Genetic Algorithm
S.Saha, C.Sarkar, P.K. Saha & G.K. Panda
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