Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
Vol. 2, No. 5 (2013)
Optimal Multirate Control Technique Applied to a Linear Discrete Power System Model
A.K. Boglou, D.I. Pappas & V.A. Boglou
Enhancing File Security by Integrating Steganography Technique in Linux Kernel
R.Jegadeesan, Dr.N.Sankar Ram, & M.S.Tharani
A Study of the Non Linearity of Thermoelastic Plates with Varying Flexural Rigidity under the Influence of Temperature Field
Dr.Subhash Chanda & Saptaparna Chanda
Studies on the Effect of Pressure on Yield of Mechanically Expressed Neem Seed Kernel Oil
Orhevba, B.A; Chukwu, O.; Osunde, Z.D. & Ogwuagwu, V.
CFD Analysis of Controllable Pitch Propeller Used in Marine Vehicle
Aditya Kolakoti ,T.V.K.Bhanuprakash & H.N.Das
Design of 30,000 DWT And 53,000 DWT Bulk Carriers Using Advanced Computer Design Softwares
B.N Malleswara Rao, V.C Sandeep Raj, & Dr.P.V.J Mohan Rao
Modeling of Modified Mattresses for Patient Handling in Hospital
Arvind T. Wadgure, Dr. R.D. Ashedkar, & V.N. Mujbaile
A Study on Wireless Mesh Network with Hierarchical Cluster
Sudarsanan.D, Sharanabasava, & Megha.J
Importance of Transfer Mechanism of Hot Rolled Products in Rolling Industries
S.E.Dhage, Dr. A .V.Vanalkar & Prof P.R.Gajbhiye
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