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Vol. 3, No. 6 (2014)
Leveraging Employee Engagement for Competitive Advantage: HR’s Strategic Role
Dr. C. Swarnalatha (India) & T.S. Prasanna (India)
Changes in Equity and Debt Capital Due to Leasing in Accordance with the International Accounting Standards
Panagiotis Papadeas (Greece) & Katerina Gerofoti (Greece)
A Study on Mutual Funds with Due Reference to ‘SBI Mutual Funds”
Mr. Badrivishal (India)
Marketing of Made-In-Ghana Shoes Internationally
George Aboagye Agyeman (Ghana)
Cross Culture – A Hurdle in Communication
Meenu Rani (India)
Consumer Behaviour on Consumer Durables With Reference to Bijapur District
Mr. Paramanand Dasar (India), Dr. S.G. Hundekar (India) & Mr. Mallikarjun Maradi (India)
Focusing on Employee Work Life Balance: A Study of Gas Authority of India Ltd.
Ms. Tanushree (India)
Relationship Marketing As a Strategic Tool for the Success of State Insurance Company – Ghana
George Aboagye Agyeman (Ghana)
Stress-A Troublesome of Management
Meenu Rani (India)
The Strategic Role of Women Entrepreneurship With Reference to Indian Economy: Hurdles and Empowerment
Mallikarjun Maradi (India) & Paramanand Dasar (India)
Current Trends and Developments in Indian Services Sector for Sustainable Growth
Rekha Mishra (India)
The Role of Positioning in Strategic Brand Management – Case of Home Appliance Market.
Lhotáková, M (Czech Republic) & Olšanová, K. (Czech Republic)
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