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Vol. 2, No. 6 (2013)
Employees’ Development Programmes in Private Organisations; Present Scenario and Future Prospects
Dr. Abhilasha Singh, Dr Naveen Gupta, & Dr Anju Jain
Edible Food Packaging as an Eco-friendly Technology using Green Marketing Strategy
Leong Teen Wei & Rashad Yazdanifard
Correlation between Ambient Scent and the Brand Positioning Within Consumers’ Unconscious Self
Ooi Wan Yun, & Dr. Rashad Yazdanifard
Dividend Policy Ratios and Firm Performance: a case study of Selected Hotels & Restaurants in Sri Lanka
Priya, K & Nimalathasan, B
Effects of Changing the Origin Language of Nostalgia Scales: An Empirical Examination
Leila Lefi Hajlaoui & Abderrazak Gharbi
Customer Satisfaction towards Islamic Pawnbroking (AR-RAHNU): Antecedents and Consequences
Syadiyah Abdul Shukor, & Hisham Sabri
The Crisis in the Southern Periphery of the Euro Area – Spanish and Cypriot Examples
Ludmila Lipkova
Trade Performance in EU27 Member States
Martin Gress
Impact on Earning per Share (EPS)-A study with special reference to Ucal Polymer Industries Limited
L.vijayakumar & D.Prabakaran
The Philosophical and Methodological Approaches Used by Sport and Business Management Student Researchers in Zimbabwe
Lysias Tapiwanashe Charumbira
Determination of the Arm’s Length Profitability for Commissionaires – Use of Working Capital Adjustments
Daniela Baluchová
Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Stress Management: Study of Schools with Banks in Jaffna District
logendran Mayuran
The Impact of Perceived Human Resource Practices on Performance of the Employees Special Reference to the Telecommunication Industry in Jaffna District
Thusyanthini Nadarasa
The Impact of Political Risk on the Location Decisions of Multinational Corporations: A Zimbabwean Perspective
Wilford Mawanza, Nathan Mugumisi, & Atanas Sixpence
Capital Structure and Corporate Performance: A Case for Tourism and Hospitality Sector of Zimbabwe
Wilford Mawanza & Nathan Mugumisi
The Impact of Employee Training and Development on Employee Productivity
Maimuna Muhammad Nda & Dr. Rashad Yazdani Fard
The Utilization of the Internet as a Communication and RM Tool in the Greek Lodging Industry
Elias Hristodoulakis, Grigorios Karimalis, Zoe Korre, & Ioanna Manousou
The impact of Working Capital Management on Profitability of the Listed Firms in Sri Lanka
S. A. Jude Leon
Marketing Competencies of Enterprise and Its Partners Theoretical and Practical Approach
Izabela Sztangret, Ph. D
Forecasting Studies of the Future Prospects of the Agricultural Sector Development in Kazakhstan
Kamenova Mazken Zhanatayevna & Sagintayeva Saule Savetovna
Corporate Governance as a Solution for Corruption in the Private Sector
Easa Hamdhan Rasheed, & Rashad Yazdanifard
The Rise of Social Media Marketing
Meenu Rani
Rural Market: The Core of Indian Market
Meenu Rani
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