Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
Vol. 2, No. 3 (2013)
Stability of Foliar Epidermal Attributes in Sesame (Sesamum Indicum L.)
Alege, G. O, Okutachi, M. M & Olubiyo, G. T
Histological Effects of Moringa Extract on Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Hepatoxicity in Adult Wistar Rats
Ezejindu D.N., Chinweife K. C., & Ihentuge C.J.
Distribution of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in Indian Population
A.K. Kapoor, Vijeta choudhary & Monika Saini
Socio-Economic Effects of Ghana Government’s Afforestation Project on Beneficiary Farmers in the Dormaa Ahenkro District of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana
E. Asare-Bediako, A. A. Addo-Quaye, J. P. Tetteh & P. Ansu-Gyeabour
The Variations in the Bifurcation of the Sciatic Nerve
Ezejindu D.N., Chinweife K. C., Nwajagu G.I., & Nzotta .N.O
Studies on Helmeted Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris - L) Population with reference to Fragmented Micro Habitats in Gondar Woreda of Ethiopia
Ashenafi Tamrat & C. Subramanian
Bioinsecticide Test of Crude Stem Bark Extracts of Some Meliaceous Plants Against Spodoptera Litura
Multimodality Approach in Management of Retinoblastoma A Case Report and Review of Literature
Sanjay Singh, Vishal Bhargava, Akshay Nigam, & Neelima Singh
Effect of Lime and Phosphorus Fertilizer Applications on Performance of French Beans in Uasin Gishu District, Kenya
J.N. Barasa, E.N.Omami,J.R.Okalebo & C.O.Othieno
The Toxicity Study of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Sesamum Indicum on the Histomorphology of the Liver of Adult Wistar Rats
Kelechi C. Uruakpa, Kebe E. Obeten, Eru, M. Eru, & Anozeng O. Igiri
Relationships between Litter and Soil Organic Matter Characteristics along Precipitation Gradient in Central-Western of Argentina
Abril A, Bruno M , Merlo C, & Noe L
A rare histopathology report of carcinoma of paranasal sinus and nasal cavity
Vishal Bhargava, Manoj Gulati, Akshay Nigam, Neelima Singh, & Sanjay Singh
Population Estimation of African White Backed Vultures (Gyps Africanus – Salvadori, 1865) in Gondar Woreda of Ethiopia
Dereje Mulu & C. Subramanian
Dynamics of Woody Species during the Post-Harvest Regeneration in Semi-Deciduous Forest of Côte D'ivoire
Field and Modelled Maize (Zea Mays) Response to Water Stress at Different Growth Stages
Agyare, W. A., Freduah B. S., Ofori, E., Kpongor, D. S., & Antwi, B. O.
Effect of Detarium Microcarpum Fruit Pulp on the Haematological Indices of Rats in Mubi Adamawa State, Nigeria
Wahedi, J.A. & David, L.D.
Effect of Environmental Factors on Bean Pests and Yield Quality in Different Agro-Ecological Zones in Kenya
Daniel Mutisya, David Karanja & Simon Nguluu
The Importance of Intergrated Solid Waste Management in Independent Zimbabwe: The Case of Glenview Area 8, Harare
Agnes Mangundu, MDS; Eric S.M.S. Makura: PhD; Manenji Mangundu, MPH, & Roy Tapera, MPH.
Current Conservation Status of Large Mammals in Sime Darby Oil Palm Concession in Liberia
Jean-Claude Koffi BENE, Eloi Anderson BITTY, Kouakou Hilaire BOHOUSSOU, Michael ABEDI-LARTEY, Joel GAMYS & Prince A. J. SORIBAH
Investigation of Insect Pests on Three Species of Smoked Fish in Mubi North-Eastern Nigeria
Wahedi, J.A. & Kefas, M.
Bioaccumulation of the Heavy and Toxic Metals by the Novel Microorganisms
Anup Baranwal, Jeevana Praharsha, Ramanuj Rauniyar, Rabindra Khadka, Ramprasad Kuncham & Vinod Nagashetti
Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water Quality of Kundapura Mangrove Forest, Karnataka, India
Vijaya Kumar K.M & Vijaya Kumara
Factors Related to Increase in Prevalence of Malaria in Kerfi, Eastern Chad
Manenji Mangundu, MPH; Elizabeth Chadambuka, MPH; James January MPH; Roy Tapera MPH; Agnes Mangundu MDS; & Sammy Mbogoh, Athropologist
On the Occurrence of Cyanobacteria in the Madeira River in the Brazilian Amazon
Fabio Aprile, Assad J. Darwich, Pedro A.S. Mera, Barbara A. Robertson, Bruce G. Marshall, & Gilmar W. Siqueira
Insects: Friends or Enemies?
Akunne C. E., Ononye B. U. & Mogbo T. C.
Aquatic Macrophytes of the Wetlands of Hojai Sub Division, Nagaon District of Assam, India
Monjit Saikia
Resource-Use Efficiency in Small-Holder Poultry Egg Production in Rural Nigeria
Nsikak-Abasi A. Etim, Nse-Abasi N. Etim, Edem E. A. Offiong & Esther U. Essang
Effect of Seed Hydropriming on Dry Matter Production and Yield of Bambara Groundnut (Vigna Subterranean (L.) Verdc.) Landrace
Prevalence of Mites and Fleas as Primary Turkey Ectoparasites in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria
Iposu S.O, Okwelum N., Sanni Ridwan O., Sanwo K. & Oduguwa B.O.
In Vitro Studies in Kydia Calicina ROXB
Sanjay R. Biradar,Shrikant Bhosale, Somnath Kirwale, & Narayan Pandhure
Prevalence of Trypanosoma Infection in Cattle in the Teaching and Research Farm (TREFAD), University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
Okwelum N., Iposu S.O, S.I., Ihasuyi P.S., Sanwo K., Oduguwa B.O, Amole T.A., Shittu O.O., Famakinde S.A., Olugbogi E.I., Takeet O.V.A., Oyewusi J.A. and Yusuff M.A.
The Proximate and Mineral Compositions of Freshwater Mussel Parreysia Corrugata (Mullar, 1774) From Tunga River in the Western Ghats, India
Shettigar Malathi & Seetharamaiah Thippeswamy
Effcts of Agroclimatic Change on Cassava Based Crop Mixture System in Crude Oil Producing Areas of Imo State, Nigeria
Nwosu, C.S. & C.J. Arene
The Spliceosomal Protein SnRNP F Binds to Both U3 and U14 Class of snoRNA in Giardia lamblia
Arjun Ghosh, Sumallya Karmakar, Avik K. Mukherjee, Dibyendu Raj, Koushik Das, Srimanti Sarkar, T. Nozaki, & Sandipan Ganguly
Effect of Brine and Vinegar on Nutrient Composition and Shelf-Life of Dried Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
Oboh, Angela, & Onoabhagbe, Adesuwa Cynthia
Helminth burden among school going children of southern Bengal, India: A survey report
Avik Kumar Mukherjee, Punam Chowdhury,Koushik Das, Dibyendu Raj, Sumallya Karmakar & Sandipan Ganguly
Feminisation due to Wolbachia in Cotesia vestalis (Haliday), a parasitoid of the Diamond back moth Plutella xylostella (Linnaeus)
The Effect of Hyoscine-n-Butylbromide (BUSCOPAN) on Oxidative Stress Parameters in Albino Rats
Effect of palm kernel cake - cassava Mixed Fermentation Product Used Toward broiler carcass Weight Pieces’
Sukaryana, Y.
Histological Differentiation in the Digestive System and Branchial Arches of the Live- Bearing Teleost , Poecilia Sphenops
Basim M. Jasim & Habeeb M. Al-Sudani
Effects of Initial Infestation Levels of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on Cowpea and Use of Nicotiana tabacum L. Aqueous Extract as Grain Protectant
Musa, A.K., Odunayo, A. & Adeyeye, O. E.
Standardization of Temperature and Media for Germination of Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) CV. Surya
Padma lay, G. V. Basvaraju, G.Sarika & N.Amrutha
Effect of Fertilizer Levels and Planting Geometry on Growth and Seed Yield of Single Cross Maize Hybrid NAH-2049 (Nithyashree
D.B. Jithendra, G.V. Basvaraju, G.Sarika & N.Amrutha
Effect of Seed Treatments to Enhance Seed Quality of Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) CV.Surya
Padma lay, G. V. Basvaraju, G.Sarika and N.Amrutha
Protection of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) against Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera:Dermestidae) using African Bush Tea (Hyptis suaveolens Poit.) in the Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria
Resilience of Nitrification Process in Agricultural and Restored Soils of Central Argentina
Romero C, Noe L, & Abril A.
Effect of different organic mulches and in situ green manuring on soil properties and yield and economics of maize in south-eastern dry zone of Karnataka
Effects of Variety, Nitrogen Form and Application Timming of Fungicide on Early Blight Disease on Tomato
Abbo Azza Siddig, Idris Mohamed Osman, ElBalla Mustafa Ali
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