Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
Vol. 1, No. 2 (2012)
Differential Performance of Castor Genotypes on Seed Yield and Eri Cocoon Production and Their Economic Analysis under Rainfed Condition.
D. Chandrappa (India), B. Sannappa (India), Ramakrishna Naika (India), K.G. Manjunath (India) & R. Govindan (India)
Gender and Cultural Dimensions of Sorghum Seed Management in North-East Ghana.
Comfort Kudadjie Freeman (Ghana) & Seth Dankyi Boateng (Ghana)
Economics of Production of Papaya in Middle Gujarat Region of Gujarat, India.
S. B. Sagar(India), H. C. Parmar (India)&V. B. Darji (India)
A Study on Impact of Microfinance Institutions on the Coastal Indebtedness in Marine Fisheries Sector of Karnataka.
Vipinkumar.V.P (India) & Swathi Lekshmi.P.S (India)
Detection of Phytoplasma Associated with Crotalaria Phyllody Disease.
Jyothi, G. (India), Chandrakala, A. (India), Chetan S. Janawad (India), Rangaswamy, K.T. (India), Shruthi, T.B. (India) & Ravikumara, B.M. (India)
Autophagy is the Emerging Role in Plant Defense Against Pathogen Attack.
Chetan, S. Janawad (India) , Jyothi, G. (India), Manu, T. G. (India) & Murali, R. (India)
Effect of Cell-Free Culture Filtrates of Bio-Control Agents on the Spore Germination and Infection By Phytophthora Infestans Causing Late Blight of Potato.
Chandrakala, A. (India), Chandrashekar, S. C. (India), Jyothi, G. (India) & Ravikumar, B. M. (India)
Efficacy of Fungicides and Biocontrol Agents Against Sclerotium Rolfsii Causing Foot Rot Disease of Finger Millet, Under In Vitro Conditions.
Manu, T.G. (India), Nagaraja, A. (India), Chetan, S. Janawad (India) & Vinayaka Hosamani (India)
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