Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
Vol. 3, No. 3 (2014)
Purification, Characterization and Gene Encoding of Xylanase Produced From Bacillus Tequilensis SH0 Isolated from Compost Using Low Cost Wheat Bran as Substrate
Sanjeev Kumar, Nivedita Sharma & Shruti Pathania
Abortion: Contemporary Views of Senior High School Students in Accra, Ghana
Cynthia Gadegbeku & Jennifer Akoto – Bamfo
Effect of Neem Leaf Meal (Azadirachta indica A juss) on the Internal Egg Quality and Serum Biochemical Indices of Laying Birds. (A case study at Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu, Ebonyi state)
Olabode AD & Okelola OE
Isolation and Characterization Of Rhizobiophages Specific For Rhizobium Leguminosarum From Some Egyptian Soils
Said M. Badr El-Din, Hala M. Habib & Omaima A. Sharaf
A Survey on Antibiotic Usage in Pigs and Poultry Birds in Abia State, Nigeria
N. Amaechi
Evaluation of Factors Regarding Misuse of Antimicrobials in Poultry and Piggery Farms in Abia State, Nigeria
N. Amaechi
Correlation between the Use of Antimicrobials and the Occurrence of Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria in Poultry and Pig Farms
N. Amaechi
Effect of the Inoculation of Chickpea by Rhizobia on Growth Promotion and Protection against Orobanche Crenata
Yassine MABROUK & Omrane BELHADJ
Ergonomic Compliance: A Pilot Study of One Faculty at a Zimbabwean Academic Institution
Tecla Mlambo (MSc OT, MSc Clin Epi), Churchill Chirubvu (BSc HPT) & Shamiso Muteti (MBA Environment and Energy)
Water Quality Assessment In Terms Of Water Quality Index
Deepa N.Barki, & PradeepkumarSinga
Agrochemical-Related Environmental Pollution: Effects on Human Health
Shehani A. Wimalawansa & Sunil J. Wimalawansa
A Study into Microbial Quality of Ready to Eat Foods Sold In the Sunyani Municipality of Ghana
Addo Henry Ofosu, Dzigbede Bridget Adzoa, Agidi Joy Eva Love, Adjei Jennifer & Koranteng Augustine
Comparative Analysis of Physicochemical Traits in Some Steptoe × Morex DH Lines and Some Persian Varieties of Barely
Mohammad Bahman Sadeghi, Gul Mohammad Ajir, Kalimullah Saighani, & Wakil Ahmad Sarhadi
The Protective Role of Green Tae and Ginkgo biloba Extract against Aging Dysfunction Induced by D-Galactose in Rats
Shwan H.Sofy, Esmail S.Kakey & Sarab D.alshamaa
Equilibrium and Kinetic Data and Process Design for Adsorption of Methylene Blue onto Stishovite–TiO2 Nanocomposite
V.T.Priya & V.Venkateswaran
Development of Hymenachne Acutigluma and Paspalum Atratum Pasture On Seasonally Waterlogged Soil And Its Use as Basal Diet for Dairy Cattle under Household Conditions
Nguyen Thi Hong Nhan, Nguyen Van Hon, Nguyen Thiet, Lam Thai Hung, Nguyen Hong Xuan & Nguyen Trong Ngu
Proximate and Mineral Contents of Flesh and Body Parts of Oreochromis niloticus and Synodontis clarias in Mubi, Nigeria
Kefas, M., Michael, K.G., Abubakar, K.A., Edward, A. & Wahide, J.A.
Efficacy of Population Estimates of Large Mammals Obtained through Ground Counts in Lochinvar National Park, Kafue Flats, Zambia
Chansa Chomba & Tokura Wataru
Trophy Size Measurements, Is It A Useful Index for Determining Population Status of the Endemic Kafue Lechwe (Kobus Leche Kafuensis) On the Kafue Flats, Zambia?
Chansa Chomba & Tokura Wataru
Tillage, Crop Residue, and Nitrogen Level Effects on Soil Properties and Crop Yields under Rice-Wheat System in the Terai Region of Nepal
G Sah, SC Shah, SK Sah, RB Thapa, A McDonald, HS Sidhu, RK Gupta, DP Sherchan, BP Tripathi, M Davare & R Yadav
Variation of sex-ratio and identification of natural enemies of Cœlaenomenodera minuta uhmann, the main pest of Elaeis guineensis Jacq. in the South-west region of Cameroon
Mondjeli Constantin, Ntsomboh-Ntsefong Godswill, Ajambang-Nchu Walter, Ngando-Ebongue Georges Frank, Baleba Laurent Justinien, Amah-Parh Ignatius
Quality of the Lake Water at Uganda Martyrs’ Catholic Shrine, Namugongo and Its Suitability for Human Consumption
Ssali Mathias & Mbeiza Mutekanga Norah
Allelopathic Efficacy of ZINGIBER OFFICINALE ROSC AQUEOUS Leaf, Stem and Rhizome Extract on Early Seedling Growth of ZEA MAYS L.
N. H. Bharath, N. K. Hemanth kumar & Shobha Jagannath
Fodder Trees of District Kathua, J&K
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Microbiological Quality of Sliced Fresh Fruits Sold In Bida, Nigeria
Daniel, A. A., Danfulani, S., Barnabas, B. B., Peter, G. & Ajewole, A. E.
Influence of Market Facilities on Market Participation of Maize Smallholder Farmer in farmer organization’s market services in Tanzania: Evidence from Kibaigwa International Grain Market
Ismail J. Ismail
Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Two Fermented Food Products and the Stomach of Ruminant Animal
Ajewole, E. A., Akoma, O., Daniel, A. A. Nnadozie, H & Njoku, C.
Biosorption of COBALT (II) by Acacia nilotica from single and multicomponent systems of Aqueous solution: Equilibrium, isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
P.Thilagavathy, T. Santhi & S. Manonmani
Seasonal Incidence of Pests of Capsicum in Bangalore Conditions of Karnataka, India
M. Roopa, & C. T. Ashok Kumar
Reference Intervals for Some Serum Chemistry Parameters for the Ankole Long-Horned Cows
Richard M. Kabuusu
Effectiveness and Efficiency of Gamma Ray and EMS Induced Chlorophyll Mutants in Rice ADT(R) 47
D.Rajarajan, R.Saraswathi, D. Sassikumar & S.K Ganesh
Bio-Efficacy of New Insecticide Molecules against Capsicum Fruit Borer, Helicoverpa Armigera (HUBNER)
M. Roopa & C. T. Ashok kumar
The History of Lochinvar National Park and Its Tourist Attractions
Chansa Chomba & Tokura Wataru
Antibacterial and Toxicological Effects of the Aqueous Extract of Mangifera Indica Stem Bark on Albino Rats
Chidozie V.N., Adoga G.I., Chukwu O.C., Chukwu I.D. & Adekeye A.M.
Biocontrol Fungi in Reducing the Population Density of the Cotton White Fly on Cowpeas
Hadi Alwan Mohammed Alsaidy, Nuhad Asis Alumairy, Firyal Bahjet, & Hussain Ali Alanbugy
Bacteriological Quality and Prevalence of Salmonella in Chicken Product, Fruits and Vegetables
Omoigberale, M. N. O., Iyamu, M.I., & Amengialue, O. O.
Hepatoprotective Activity of Phyllanthus Niruri Whole Plant Extract against Staphylococcus Aureus Intoxicated Albino Rats
V. Ramamurthy & T. Abarna
Determination of the Therapeutic Compounds and Antimicrobial Activity of Heliotropium Indicum By GC/MS
Ramamurthy, V., Nethaji, S. & Rajakumar, R.
Does Illegal Harvesting of Woody Plants Influence Physiognomic Status and Woody Vegetation Dynamics in Lochinvar National Park?
Chansa Chomba & Tokura Wataru
Current Developments in the Application of DNA Barcoding to Solving Biodiversity Conservation Problems in Developing Countries
C. O. Onyia; O. P. Jideofor; B. O Ojiego; B. O. Solomon;O.Ogundipe; & L. J. Ogbadu
Analysis of Dietary Diversity of Food Consumption Pattern in Oyo State
Mustapha, I.O
Assessment of the Hygienic Quality of Fermented and Dried Salted Fish Sold in Lome, Togo
Abdelsalam Tidjani, Alain Nahaskida, Ameyapoh Yaovi, Abdelsalam Adoum Doutoum, Toukourou Fatiou & Comlan Aristide de Souza
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