Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
Vol. 2, No. 4 (2013)
Establishment of Large Cardamom Clone Multiplication Units
N.K. Bhattarai, T.N. Deka, P. Chhetri, B. A. Gudade & U. Gupta
Assessment of Fruit Management in Gondar town Markets of North Western Ethiopia
Asmaru Gultie, Samuel Sahile & Subramanian, C.
Effect of 12 Weeks of Brisk Walking Programme on Abdominal Muscular Strength and Endurance of Sedentary College Students
Studies on the Bacterial Flora of Synthetic-Detergent Effluent and Their Biodegradation Potentials
Amengialue, O. O., Ibeh, I. N., Egharevba, A. P., Omoigberale, M. N. O. & Edobor, O.
Electroporation of snoRNA in Giardia lamblia
Sumallya Karmakar, Avik Kumar Mukherjee, & Sandipan Ganguly
Impact of Brisk Walking Programme on Upper Body Muscular Strength of Sedentary College Students
Fat Percentage between B.P.ED and M.P.ED Students: A Comparative Study
Dr. Joseph Singh
Evaluation of Regression Equations for Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Children Aged 8-12 Years from West Bengal, Eastern India
Purushottam Pramanik, Debasis Koley, Sayan Biswas & Rahitaswa Choudhury
Relationship between Motor Fitness Components and Body Mass Index of Uttarakhand Boys
Development of Protocol for Efficient Callusing in Heliotropium indicum L. An Important Medicinal Herb
Meenakshi Priyadarshni, Ritika Kumari & L.N.Shukla
Histological Evaluation of the Combine Extract Of Aqueous Zingiber Officinale (GINGER) Root and Honey on the Stomach of Adult Wistar Rats
Eru, M. Eru, Kebe, E. Obeten, Kelechi C. Uruakpa, & Mesembe O. Edet
Prevalence and Antibiogram Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus in Urinary Tract Infection among Patients Attending Specialist Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria
Amengialue, O. O., Osawe, F. O., Edobor, O., Omoigberale, M. N. O. &4b Egharevba, A. P.
Nature Conservation in Kosovo through Legislative and Policy Measures in the Period 2003-2013
Zeqir Veselaj & Behxhet Mustafa
A Comparative Study of the Performance of Anaerobic Digestion of Seaweed (ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM) At Mesophilic and Thermophilic Temperatures
Obianuju Patience Jideofor, Joseph Akunna, C.O. Onyia & B. O Solomon
Phenotypic Characterization and Genetic Variation Detection Using Arbitrary Primed Polymerase Chain Reaction Finger Printing On Four Indonesian Wild Monascus SPP
Nandang Suharna
Microflora Associated With Diesel Powered Generators Contaminated Soil Arena of Obafemi Awolowo and Oduduwa Universities in Ile –Ife, Osun State, Nigeria
Adeyemo I.A, Agbolade, J.O. & Oke Olufunmilola
Knowledge, attitude, practice and associated factors of Physiotherapy among Medical Doctors in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia – A cross sectional study
Rahul Krishnan Kutty PhD, PT, Hailay Gebremichael BSc PT, MPH(RH), & Shiby Vargehese PhD,PT
Study of Some elements of biology of Wild Jujube «Ziziphus lotus (L.) Desf.
Rsaissi N., B. Bencharki & M. Bouhache
Low Serum Level of Vitamin D Is Associated With Increased Number of Low-Density Granulocytes (Ldgs) and Neutrophil Extracellular TRAPS (NETs) Formation in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Kusworini Handono, Dian Hasanah, Sri Sunarti, & Handono Kalim
Role of Proline and Tyrosine in Hydrogen Peroxide Induced Cataract
Pradnya Padalkar, PM Bulakh, & RR Melinkeri
Ramesh Babu Nallamothu, Geleta Fekadu, & Prof B.V. Appa Rao
Seasonal, Sex and Size Variation IN Some Blood Parameters of Snakehead Fish (PARACHANNA OBSCURA, GUNTHER 1861) in Ose River, Southwest - Nigeria
Odedeyi, D. O.
Biodiversity of Endophytic Bacteria and their Antagonistic Activity to Rhizoctonia Solaniand Fusarium Oxysporium
Yuliar, Suciatmih, Dyah Supriyati, & Maman Rahmansyah
Intelligence in Children Whose Either Parent is Treated for Schizophrenia
Dr. S. Anuradha
Genotype of Sturnus contra (Sturnidae - Passeriformes: Aves)
H. K. Garg & Ashish Shrivastava
Association Between Depression And Chronic Periodontitis - A Review
Dr.S.Muthukumar & M. Diviya
Integrated Management of Mango Stem Borer (Batocera rufomaculata Dejan) in Nepal
Sudeep Kumar Upadhyay, Bedanand Chaudhary & Bibek Sapkota
Tithonia Manure Improves Carrot Yield and Quality
Jeptoo, A., Aguyoh, J.N. & Saidi, M.
Impact of Physico-Chemical Conditions on Seasonal Fluctuation of Plankton Diversity in Certain Wetlands of Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur Dist, Karnataka, India
Jagadeeshappa K.C. & Vijaya kumara
The Rice Terraces of Ifugao Province, Northern Philippines: Current Scenario, Gaps and Future Direction
Robert T. Ngidlo
Beta Amyloid Cellular Expression in Guinea Pig (Cavia Cobaya) Brain with Steroid Hormone Depletion in the Alzheimer’s Disease Study
Yuli P. Kristianingrum, Ekowati Handharyani, Dondin Sajuthi, & Erni Sulistiawati
Composition of Forest Vegetation of Koria District, Chhattisgarh (India)
Dr. Mantosh Kumar Sinha & Dr.Deepima Sinha
Interactive Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization and Rhizobium Inoculation on Nodulation and Yield of Soybean (Glycine Max L. Merrill)
Faisal Elgasim Ahmed
Effect of Climate Change on Production of Darjeeling Tea: A Case Study in Darjeeling Tea Research & Development Centre, Tea Board, Kurseong
P. S. Patra, J. S. Bisen, R. Kumar, M. Choubey, A. Basu Mazumdar, Mahipal Singh & B. Bera
Empirical Review of Problems and Prospects of Banana (Musa Sapientum L) and Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca L) Production Enterprises
Kainga Prince Ebiowei
Preliminary Phytochemical Studies and Efficacy of Chloroform Extracts of Cultured Tissues of Physalis Minima (L.) Against Pathogens
Harikrishna Ramaprasad Saripalli, Lydia Swapna Nandam, Zenebe Teka & Madanprasad
Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Yield and Economics of Banana
R. Kuttimani, K. Velayudham, E. Somasundaram & P. Muthukrishnan
Improved Quality of Sardines Oil (Sardinella sp.) Using Centrifugation
Jeny Ernawati Tambunan, Sugeng Heri Suseno, & Bustami Ibrahim
Aquatic Benthic Macro-Invertebrate Diversity of Kunda River District Khargone (M.P.) India
Shailendra Sharma, Sudha Dubey, & Rajendra Chaurasia
Effecacy of Various Herbicides to Control Weeds in Dry Direct Seeded Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
K.P Bhurer, D.N Yadav, J.K Ladha, R.B Thapa & K.R Pandey
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