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Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology (GJEDT)

  • Frequency: Bi -Monthly
  • ISSN 2319 – 7293
  • Website: gifre.org
Vol. 3, No. 3(2014)
  • Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm on Lady Finger Expert Advisory System
    Prof. M.S. Prasad Babu & B. Jogeswara Rao

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1-3

  • Stock Volumes Determining As the Basis for the Plan of Opening, Preparation and Extraction Processing in Open Stone-Pit Quarries
    MSc. Ludovít KOVANIC , PhD., & MSc. Miroslav ŠIMCÁK, PhD.

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 4-8

  • Trends in Computer Viruses: A Review
    Erick K. Rotich, Metto Kimutai S, Samoei K. Daniel, & Lily Siele

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 9-11

  • Effect of Drying Temperatures on Physicochemical Properties and Oil Yield of African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum alibidum) Seeds
    Ajala A.S. & Adeleke S.A.

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 12-16

  • Design of Intelligent Controller for Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Hydrothermal System
    C.Srinivasa Rao

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 17-23

  • Enhancing the Competitive Nature of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the Cloud Computing
    Elnaz Mohabbattalab, Baharak Mohabbattalab

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 24-28

  • Industrial Noise Exposure and Its Effects on Blood Pressure in Adult Industry Workers
    C. M. U-Dominic, A.C.C. Ezeabasili & B.U. Okoro

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 29-33

  • Quality Assessment of Traditional Hand Dug Wells in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
    B.U. Okoro, A.C.C. Ezeabasili, & C.M U-Dominic

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 34-38

  • GPS Real-Time Location Based Control Drink- Driver & Patient Health Monitoring Analysis
    V.R.Pra kash, P.Kumaraguru & P.Pandiraj

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 39-42