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Global Journal of Commerce & Management Perspective

  • Frequency: Bi -Monthly
  • ISSN 2319 – 7285
  • Website: gifre.org
Vol. 3, No. 2(2014)
  • Impacts of Corporate Governance on Efficiency and Sustainability Of The Best Rural Saccos In Tanzania
    Joseph John Magali & Joel Kiprotich Lang’at

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1-8

  • Children Advertisements and their Effects on Family Purchasing Behaviour: A Study of Cannanland, Ota Nigeria
    Dr. Oluwole Iyiola & Joy Dirisu

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 9-17

  • How Online Privacy Systems Assure More Customer Satisfaction & Trust?
    Chia Thian Sheung & Rashad Yazdanifard

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 18-21

  • The Impacts of Social Media Marketing, Perceived Risks and Domain Specific Innovativeness on Online Consumer Behavior
    Ng Hoong Fong & Rashad Yazdanifard

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 22-26

  • The Case for Digital Preservation of the Press and Audio-Visual Documents in Mauritius
    Nirmal Kumar BETCHOO

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 27-32

  • The Concept of Green Marketing and Green Product Development on Consumer Buying Approach
    Yeow Kar Yan & Rashad Yazdanifard

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 33-38

  • How Consumer Decision Making Process Differ From Youngster to Older Consumer Generation
    Yap Wai San & Rashad Yazdanifard

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 39-43

  • Globalization and Regional Integration: An East African Perspective
    Tom Nyamache, Ruth Nyambura & Vincent Ntabo

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 44-49

  • Life Insurance Industry in India - An Overview
    Dr.D.Rajasekar & T.Hymavathi Kumari

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 50-59

  • Eradication of Poverty through Community Green Economic Development Utilizing Khas (government jurisdiction) Ponds: Lessons Learned from Grameen Motsho (Fisheries) O Pashusampad (Livestock) Foundation (GMPF) in Bangladesh
    Dr. Kazi Abdutr Rouf

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 60-70

  • Adolescent Influence on Family Buying Decisions Making-in India
    Marjan Anbarsooz & Amulya.M

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 71-75

  • An Analysis of the Oil and Gas Industry’s Competitiveness Using Porter’s Five Forces Framework
    Mohammed A. Hokroh

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 76-82

  • Challenges and Opportunities in International Human Resource Management within Multinational Enterprises
    Dr. Abhishek Gupta (B.Com, MBA, Ph.D)

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 83-86

  • Small Scale Irrigation and Agricultural Commercialization in Tigray
    Gabriel Temesgen

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 87-94

  • The Relationship between the Information Systems of Accounting, Auditing, and How to Provide Reliable Information to Characterize the Service Auditor
    Mah’d al-jabali & Rami zeyad tawfeq

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 95-101

  • Innovative Content in the Management of Certain Types of Risks in the Stock Market
    Alashbayeva Nursulu Mukhanbetovna

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 102-103

  • Supervision – Essential to Productivity
    Bernard Oladosu Omisore, Ph.D

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 104-108

  • Does Participation of Women on Micro and Small Scale Enterprises Address Poverty in Northern Ethiopia? Evidences from Central and North-West Zones of Tigrai
    Araya Mebrahtu Teka

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 109-119

  • The Effect of the Positioning of Webpage Banner Advertisements on Implicit and Explicit Memory
    Diya Anna John & Dr. Anuradha Sathiyaseelan

    [Full Article - PDF] pp. 120-124