Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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Paper Submission Deadline for Current Coming Issue: April 20, 2017
Coming Issue Publication Date: April 30, 2017
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Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology (GJEDT) is accepting the original paper for publication, which are not published or not under consideration for publication anywhere else. The Journal covers a wide range of interest in the field of engineering, design & technology. Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:

Design strategies, Usability and adaptability, Material, component and systems performance, Process control, Alternative and new technologies, Organizational, management and research issues, Human factors, Environmental, quality and health and safety issues, Cost and life cycle issues, Sustainability criteria, indicators, measurement and practices, Risk management, Entrepreneurship Law, regulation and governance, Design, implementing, managing and practicing innovation, Visualization, simulation, information and communication technologies, Education practices, innovation, strategies and policy issues, Computational Statistics, Computer Business Ethics, Corporate Governance,  Customer Relationship Management, Expert approaches, Fuzzy algorithms, Fuzzy logics, GPS and location-based applications, Green Computing, Grid Networking, Image and Multimedia applications, Industrial applications of neural networks, Information and data security, Information indexing and retrieval, Information Management, Information processing, Information systems and applications, Information Technology and their application, Data Mining, Data Retrieval, Database Management System, Decision Support System , Security Systems and Technologies, Security, Privacy and Trust, Service oriented middleware, Software Engineering, Emerging paradigms, Advanced Computing Architectures, Artificial Intelligence, Broadband and intelligent networks,  Broadband wireless technologies, Cloud Computing and Applications, Collaborative applications,  Communication architectures, Communication systems, Computational intelligence, Computer Vision, Computer-based information systems, Computing Ethics, Cryptography, Distributed Computing, Encryption, Energy-efficient and green pervasive computing, Evolutionary computing and intelligent systems, Internet Services and Applications, Internet Technologies, Infrastructure,  Location Based Services, Mobile Computing and Applications, Mobile networks and services, Multimedia Communications, Natural Language Processing, Network management and services,  Pattern Recognition, System security and security technologies, Technology in Education, Virtual reality, Vision-based applications, Web Technologies & Wireless technology.


Note: Our objective is to inform author(s) of the decision on their manuscript shortly after submission.

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