Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences
Vol. 5, No. 3 (2016)
Assessment of the Physicochemical Properties and Macro Nutrients of Surface Soil in Shewa Robit, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia
Zelalem Getnet
The integration pestle against of Colorado Beetle in the condition of Ganja-Gazakh region of Azerbaijan
K.G. Huseynov
Are there Public Health Risks Associated with Physical Handling of Paper Money and Coins in Zambia? A Case Study of Chirundu Border Post at the Zambia/Zimbabwe International Boundary
Chansa Chomba & Ntaimo S. Mwamainda
Responses of Biochemical Traits in un-or Mycorrhizal T. vogelii Hook F. Under Drought Stress at an Early Growth Phase
Esaïe TSOATA, siméon Raphaël Njock, Youmbi Emmanuel & Dieudonné Nwaga
Analysis of poultry farmer’s willingness-to-Accept Compensation measure for risk averse mechanisms in Ikwerre localGovernment Area of Rivers State, Nigeria
Unaeze, H. C. & Akinola, L.A.F
Appraisal of Some Water Quality Criteria of the Shatt Al-Arab River by Applying Geographical Information System (GIS)
Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed, Sadek A. Hussein & Laith F. Lazem
Seed Mycoflora and Seed Health of Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) in Storage Periods and Its Cure with Different Plant Powders
Ashok Kandhare
Medicago Sativa L.’s Sowing Periods and Biological Characteristics
Sh.F.Huseynli, I.B.Mirjalally, R.R.Efendiyeva, J.G.Gurbanova, S.F.Hajiyeva
Study the Status of Fish Farming in Shiktahan VDC of Rupandehi District of Nepal
Shailesh Gurung, Suraj Kumar Singh & Sujan Bhattarai
Thiamethoxam in Tropical Agroecosystems
Juan Valente Megchún-García, María del Refugio Castañeda-Chávez, Daniel Arturo Rodríguez-Lagunes, Joaquín Murguía-González, Fabiola Lango-Reynoso & Otto Raúl Leyva- Ovalle
Factors Affecting Adoption of Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) Practices in Baglung District, Nepal
Mahesh Badal, Shiva Chandra Dhakal, Jay Prakash Dutta & Rishi Ram Kattel
Studies on Dissolved Minerals in Municipal Tap Water of Some Selected Areas of Tiptur Town,Tumkur District
M.B.Shylaja, Dr.Hina Kousar, Dr.S.B.Basavaraddi, Prakasha & G.C.Mallikarjunaswamy
Chloroleucon tenuiflorum (Leguminosae, Ingeae): Morphometry of Fruits, Seeds and Seedlings, Healthy and Germinability
M. A. Zapater, P. S. Hoc, C. B. Flores, C. M. Mamani, E. C. Lozano, M. N. Gil & S. S. Suhring
A new Species of Phelipanche (Orobanchaceae) from Iraq
Abdulridha A. Al-Mayah & Widad M. Al-Asadi
Huge Swelling in Neck in Old Age Like Metastatic Secondary =LIPOMA
Dr. Shamendra Kumar Meena, Dr. Jitendra Nagar, Dr. Rajkumar Jain, Dr.Vijay Kumar Meena, & Dr. Suresh
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